Open letter to Mmusi Maimane – Call a spade a spade

To “call a spade a spade” is a figurative expression which refers to calling something “as it is”, that is, by its right or proper name, without “beating about the bush“, being outspoken about it, truthfully, frankly and directly, even to the point of being blunt or rude, and even if the subject is considered coarse, impolite or unpleasant. []

Dear Mmusi Maimane,

I only agree with you on one thing: “Gay Rights is not a debate”, because it just boils down to “Human Rights”.  There should be no discrimination on a human level.  It is foolish to call something “gay-rights” or “straight-rights”.  Based on this, it’s obvious that there can be no debate – it is just “Human Rights”.

I strongly disagree that your first commitment should be to the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.  As a man of God, your first commitment should be to the will of God – everything else must take second place.  As a man of God and a leader, you should “call a spade a spade”. The implication is that one tells the TRUTH regarding the nature of the thing in question, in other words, “homosexuality is a sin”.

There is ZERO discrimination in saying a “sin is a sin”.  For example, if you point out that someone is lying, you “don’t discriminate against that person” – you merely point out that what they do is against the will of God [a sin according to the Word of God].  If it “ruffles their feathers” so to speak, then the sin speaks against their own conscience, and they need to deal with it.  You can still be a “friend of sinners” if you choose, but you need to “call a spade a spade”.  Everybody should accept the outcome and consequences of their own choices.

You cannot call out others on their sin [lying, manipulation, fraud, misconduct, unethical behaviour] unless you can call ALL things as they are. You will only have authority in this [and see results] when you can call a spade a spade.”

The danger of compromise:  Compromise with the world brings disastrous consequences to the people. As a leader you have a responsibility to ALWAYS speak the TRUTH.  Consider the life of Jehoshaphat.  Make a study of the consequences that followed because of his choice to compromise.

“From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded”.


From Deborah


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