Calling all whistleblowers: Corruption, misconduct and unethical behaviour in business (private sector)

Key Characteristics of a Whistleblower: A Whistleblower is fearless, honest, and unselfishly motivated to serve others. He or she has to be brave enough to expose corruption, misconduct or unethical behaviour in business – often on behalf of others who do not have the courage to do so themselves.

There are many tools that may be used by anyone in business – public or private – irrespective of position or seniority, whether employee, client or supplier, to report issues of concern that might otherwise be difficult to deal with through normal channels.

But where do you turn when executives, management or investigation teams are themselves involved in these issues of concern?

This is causing a major loophole within the business/private sector at present. 

The Labour Court, CCMA, Corruption Watch and Financial Services Board [FSB] etc. cannot deal with this type of conduct. 

For example, the FSB’s mandate is only to protect policyholders, not the employees working for the financial institution/s.

We require an independent Employee/Private Protector where these allegations can be reported and properly investigated. 

The Employee/Private Protector need to also oversee the Labour Court, CCMA etc. in order to expose all the loopholes.

Are you aware of any corruption, misconduct or unethical behaviour by executives, management or investigating teams in your workplace?

Please share your story anonymously ( in order for us to draft a proper report to request that an Employee/Private Protector be appointed. 

We require an independent institution by statute to oversee the Business/Private Sector of South Africa in the interest of employees.  

The Employee/Private Protector should ensure that employees are treated fairly and enjoy a safe and ethical environment, and that businesses be held responsible for corruption, misconduct and unethical behaviour.

We are fully aware of the Protected Disclosure Act 26 of 2000, and support the aims and objectives of this Act. We therefore ensure that our service is conducted in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

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