Great leaders serve people

Fair treatment” is currently a foreign term for a large number of South Africans where local government, state-owned enterprise (SOE), municipalities, political parties and private companies are concerned.  This is due to either a lack of knowledge or negligence, misconduct or corruption, manipulation or abuse of power.

In order to serve and help the people of South Africa, the above sectors will be exposed for negligence, fraud, manipulation, corruption, misconduct or unethical behaviour.


  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Truth
  • Ethics
  • Respect

If you do not comply, expect to be exposed.


  • Increase the standards to properly serve all the people of South Africa, without any fear or compromise;
  • Expose any form of negligence, fraud, manipulation, corruption, misconduct or unethical behaviour by the president(s), ministers, politicians,  leaders, senior management;
  • Raising the bar of excellence, accountability, integrity, truth, ethics and respect.

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